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Auto Accidents – New York City Car Accident Lawyer Fighting For Justice

Bronx, Brooklyn, ManhattanQueens auto accidents. 

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Have you been injured in an auto accident in New York City? Was a loved one seriously hurt or killed by another driver? You don’t have to face these questions alone. We can help. At the Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC , we work tirelessly for car accident injury victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and throughout New York. We do not rest until justice is served.

New York Auto Injury Attorney Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyer 

Mr. Reiter discusses the successes he has had with automobile, truck and motorcycle accident cases. The Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC has been committed to providing competent, caring representation to clients in the New York area and throughout the United States who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of airline crashes, mass disasters, medical malpractice, defective products, construction accidents, and a variety of other types of negligence.

Our track record of success speaks for itself. We consistently obtain multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts for victims of serious car accidents in New York. Some of our larger car accident case results include:

  • $4 million settlement for victim of drunk driver
  • $2.3 million settlement for victim of asleep at the wheel car accident

No matter how serious your auto accident, no matter how complicated your case might seem, contact the Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC . Our Manhattan car accident lawyers are ready to tackle your case and help you get the money you deserve. Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation today.

What types of New York auto accidents does attorney Reiter handle?

Attorney Reiter and his fellow New York City auto accident attorneys at Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC, handle a wide range of car accidents in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Some of the most common auto accidents we work on include:

  • Texting while driving accidents: A growing nuisance on roads and highways throughout New York.
  • Drunk driving accidents: Despite public campaigns about the dangers of intoxicated driving, many New Yorkers choose to make the dangerous choice to drink and drive.
  • Reckless driving accidents: On congested highways around New York, it’s not uncommon for drivers to operate recklessly and cause serious accidents.
  • Rear-end accidents: One of the most common types of New York car accidents.
  • Hit-and-run accidents: You may need to pursue a claim through your own insurance company to recover compensation if a driver flees the scene.

We also handle a wide range of other motor vehicle accidents in New York City, including:

What are the common causes of car accidents in New York City?

Auto accidents in Queens, Brooklyn and other parts of New York happen for many reasons. Some of the most common causes of auto accidents we deal with at our law firm include:

  • Speeding: Going too fast has long been a contributing factor in New York accidents.
  • Distracted driving: While cell phones have become a major factor in distracted driving crashes, sometimes drivers dealing with children in the backseat, eating or changing stations on a radio.
  • Impaired driving: Most people think of drunk driving impairments, but some drivers cause accidents after taking drugs, either legal prescription medication or illicit substances.
  • Tired driving: Asleep-at-the-wheel accidents can be difficult to prove, but our firm has successfully obtained compensation for such cases.
  • Defective car parts: From defective airbags and seat belts to problems with acceleration and ignition switches, auto defects can cause catastrophic car wrecks in New York.

Why should I hire New York auto accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter?

Experience matters. That’s why it’s critical you have a knowledgeable car accident lawyer serving Brooklyn and the other four boroughs working for you after your accident. When you have a hard working, detail-oriented attorney on your side, you can make sure that insurance companies award you the money you rightfully deserve. We’re able to take this aggressive approach because we have the facts on our side.

We consistently gather information about car accidents because we know what evidence to look for, and we know what questions to ask. We’re also familiar with all the state and federal regulations governing auto accidents and truck accidents in New York State.

If a loved one died in an auto accident, we can help you file a wrongful death lawsuit in Manhattan or wherever the fatal car accident took place in New York. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Learn more about how a Manhattan car accident law firm can help you by visiting our page entitled, “How can a New York auto accident attorney help me?

Personal attention to detail in every single case. Contact us. Expect more.

When you contact us, your case will receive our unparalleled personal attention. We meticulously investigate every legal matter. This detail-oriented approach allows us to build strong, effective car accident cases for injury victims in Manhattan and throughout New York.

We have a long history of obtaining results for clients. Our New York City attorneys have recovered more than $250 million for our clients in the United States and around the world. This money serves a vital role. It helps injury victims and families continue to live their lives with dignity.

You’re not just a case to us. You’re a real person with real problems, and we want to help! Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation. We want to work with you and develop a successful solution for your problem.

The Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC – righting wrongs, one client at a time.

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