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Your Injury
IS PERSONAL In all the ways it affects you. We can help.

Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney Dedicated to Delivering Case Results

Brooklyn personal injury lawyers at Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC work tirelessly for clients

Brooklyn personal injury lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter and his fellow attorneys at Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC bring a wealth of knowledge to every single case they work on in Brooklyn. People rely on us from Williamsburg to Brighton Beach to obtain compensation and closure.

Injury victims in Brooklyn know that when they contact us, their case will receive the attention it rightfully deserves. We take the time to find out exactly what happened. Then we work with clients to create a legal strategy that addresses their specific needs.

We know how frustrating and complicated personal injury claims can be in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Flatbush and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn. That’s why we work so hard on every case. We know that the work we do today will make a dramatic difference in our clients’ lives for many years to come. Rely on us. Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation.

What types of personal injury cases in Brooklyn does attorney Reiter handle?

Brooklyn personal injury accidents cover a wide range. That’s because Brooklyn has such a diverse population and so many different, unique neighborhoods. From Bensonhurst to Cypress Hills to Red Hook and Canarsie, we have you covered.

Some of the more serious personal injury cases in Brooklyn we handle at our law firm include:

  • Brooklyn elevator accidents
  • Brooklyn escalator accidents
  • Brooklyn dog attacks

We also handle Brooklyn wrongful death cases if your loved one died as a result of a personal injury accident. Make sure you contact us as soon as possible about such serious accidents. A delay could affect your ability to be fairly compensated for your injury or your loss.

Why should I hire Brooklyn personal injury lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter?

Experience matters. That’s why it’s critical you have a highly regarded Brooklyn personal injury law firm working for you after your accident. Injury victims and families of people who died in a personal injury accident often need to fight for compensation.

Attorney Reiter thoroughly understands the laws governing New York, and he personally knows Brooklyn and its legal system inside out. A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, attorney Reiter has handled many complicated legal cases in Brooklyn during his 30-year legal career. He’s also an internationally renowned lawyer respected for his work on airline accidents around the world.

If necessary, we can help you file a personal injury lawsuit in Brooklyn if we believe that’s the best way to resolve your case. We will not rest until justice is served. Contact Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC. We’re ready and eager to work with you.

Hard-working New York accident lawyer who delivers results

Don’t assume you will receive the money you need to cover the true cost of your losses. Often, insurance companies will make low-ball offers and do everything they can to pay injury victims as little as possible.

Don’t let insurance companies push your around. Fight back. Contact us. Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation. We’re conveniently located in New York City. Case results matter here. Contact Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC.

Lawyers often talk about what they can do for clients. We produce results. In case after case, attorney Reiter and his fellow Brooklyn negligence lawyers routinely obtain large verdicts and settlements for clients. Discover what we can do for you. Contact us today.