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About Us – Experienced New York City Personal Injury Law Firm

Talented team of accomplished attorneys ready to handle your complicated case

The New York City personal injury law firm Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC has assembled a formidable team of experienced attorneys and legal professionals. Individually, many of us forged impressive careers in the legal field. Together, we have become one of the most accomplished law firms in the metropolitan New York City area. Jonathan C. Reiter is one of the best New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Our attorneys have recovered more than $250 million in settlements and verdicts for clients in the United States and worldwide. We’re renowned for our work on international airline accidents. We also have a proven track record of success with medical malpractice cases.

What’s the secret to the success of Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC?

Our success stems from one simple thing: the people who work here. Each attorney, consultant and investigator at our firm serves a vital role. All of us are driven to succeed and deliver results to clients every single day.

Our legal team at Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC includes:

We personally focus on the personal needs of every client. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We treat people like individuals. We carefully comb through evidence. We comprehensively investigate every detail. We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth. That’s why we’re so effective in the courtroom. That’s the key to our success.

Take an aggressive approach with your case. Contact us. We fight for justice.

When you have an experienced New York personal injury lawyer on your side, you can take an aggressive approach with your case. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and hold corporations responsible for their actions.

All lawyers talk about what they can do for clients. We deliver results. Our proven track record of success speaks for itself. In case after case, we consistently help injury victims and their families obtain the money they rightfully deserve.

Discover what New York City personal injury attorney Jonathan C. Reiter and his team of talented attorneys can do for you. Contact us. Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation at our office conveniently located in The Empire State Building.

Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC – case results matter here.