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Animal Attacks – New York City Attorney Who Puts Injury Victims First

New York animal attack lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter holds pet owners accountable

Animal attacks in New York often result in serious personal injuries or even death in some cases. When a dog or another animal becomes aggressive enough to bite, you need to make sure you protect your legal rights. You need Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC on your side.

Located in Manhattan and serving injury victims throughout New York, attorney Reiter and his team of attorneys have a strong track record of success with animal attack claims and other premises liability cases. We know what information to look for and we have the case results to prove it.

We’re proud of our track record. We routinely obtain sizable settlements and verdicts for injury victims and their families. We consistently deliver results. Discover what we can do for you. Contact us. Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation today.

What types of cases does New York animal attack attorney Reiter handle?

Animal attacks often result in serious wounds that can prove fatal. In New York, dog bites are among the most common types of animal attacks. Dog breeds most frequently involved in animal attacks include pit bulls, Rottweilers, German shepherds and huskies.

More than 4.5 million people sustain dog bite injuries each year. And nearly 885,000 dog bite injury victims require medical attention. An estimated 50 percent of dog bite injury victims are children. The face is a frequent target, resulting in disfiguring scars and emotional trauma.

Dog bite cases are among the most challenging New York personal injury claims. Attorneys must prove negligence by the owner and prior knowledge of the dog’s vicious tendencies. Our New York dog bite attorneys know how to research these attacks and build compelling cases.  We are skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and will take a case to court if necessary.

Why should I hire New York dog bite lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter?

Many attorneys talk about what they can do for clients. Our case results speak for themselves. Our lawyers have helped injury victims and the families of people killed in serious accidents recover more than $250 million in verdicts and settlements.

This money serves a vital purpose. Such sizable financial awards allow injury victims and affected families to cover all the expenses associated with such accidents – medical expenses, physical therapy, lost income, lost future income and sadly in some cases, funeral expenses.

We take our job very seriously. We know that the work we do today will enable injury victims and their families to live their lives with dignity. It’s not just about the money. It’s about holding people responsible for their actions. It’s about justice.

We focus on each client’s individual needs. Discover what we can do for you.

Different cases demand different approaches. A lawyer can’t simply use the same strategy for every case. We understand that at Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC . That’s why we take the time to learn about each individual case.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. That’s why we carefully examine every piece of evidence and personally attend to each client’s individual needs. We take this intensive approach because we care about every client we work with. Your case matters here.

Make sure your case receives the attention it rightfully deserves. Contact us. Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation. We’re ready and eager to work with you. That’s why drives us to work hard every day – helping people just like you solve your legal problems.

Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC – we measure success, one person at a time.