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Delay in Diagnosis Waste precious time. We know every day counts.

Delay in Diagnosis – New York City Misdiagnosis Lawyer Ready to Fight for You

Every day counts. Contact New York diagnosis delay attorney Jonathan C. Reiter.

When doctors delay diagnosing a disease, patients lose precious time that could have been devoted to treating a life-threatening disease. That’s why medical misdiagnosis cases can be so frustrating and so serious. Take your case seriously right from the start. Contact us.

At Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC, our experienced medical misdiagnosis attorneys have dedicated their careers to handling cases just like yours for many years. We know what facts to look for to support your claim. We understand how put together evidence into rock-solid cases. That means preparing chronologies, time lines, medical illustrations and other demonstrative exhibits for use at trial. If you need serious legal representation, call us at (212) 736-0979.

We’re proud of our case results because we know the money we obtain for injury victims and their families makes a dramatic difference in their lives. Sizable settlements and verdicts also send a strong message to hospitals and other health care providers that negligent behavior will not be tolerated.

What types of delay in diagnosis cases does attorney Jonathan C. Reiter handle?

Delay in diagnosis cases in New York cover a wide range. Some of the most common delay in diagnosis cases we handle in Manhattan and other boroughs in New York involve:

  • Failing to treat patients in a timely manner, especially in emergency rooms
  • Failing to conduct routine medical tests
  • Failing to correctly read medical tests, lab work or X-rays

Many delay-in-diagnosing claims involve doctors who fail to diagnose cancer in a timely manner. An illness that is left untreated for a few weeks or months can have serious consequences. Doctors who fail to diagnose cancer in a timely manner must be held accountable. Our work as attorneys is about sending a message, loud and clear, that substandard medical treatment will not be tolerated in New York.

Why should I hire a lawyer to handle my delay in diagnosis case?

Many delay-in-diagnosis cases in New York can be extremely complex. That’s because many of these cases involve large hospitals in Manhattan and other boroughs in New York City. Waging a legal battle against these hospitals and their insurance companies can be very complicated.

That’s why it’s critical you have an experienced New York medical misdiagnosis lawyer on your side. We know how to investigate these cases. We have access to qualified medical experts whose knowledge and experience can make a dramatic difference. Depending on the circumstances, our team may look at medical charts, X-rays and other evidence to support your delayed diagnosis claim. Allow us to fight for your rights.

Personal attention to detail in every single case. Contact us. Expect more.

When you contact us, your case will receive our unparalleled personal attention. We meticulously investigate every legal matter. This detail-oriented approach allows us to build strong, effective court cases designed to win.

We’re proud of our long history of getting results clients need. Our New York City personal injury attorneys have recovered more than $250 million for our clients in the United States and around the world. This money serves a vital role. It helps our clients continue to live their lives with dignity.

You’re not just a case to us. You’re a real person with real problems and we want to help! Call (212) 736-0979 and schedule a free consultation. We want to work with you and develop a successful solution for your problem.

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