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Study Finds UTI Symptoms Linked to Delayed Cancer Diagnosis in Older Patients

Study Finds UTI Symptoms Linked to Delayed Cancer Diagnosis in Older Patients

If you are 66 or older and diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, you might receive a prescription for antibiotics. You might be told by your doctor that you’ll be in the clear after a few days.

But what if after a few days or even weeks the UTI symptoms are still present? Perhaps your doctor continues to search for ways to treat what he or she believes to simply be a stubborn infection.

Your doctor may be making a critical mistake and failing to diagnose a potentially fatal disease. That’s because UTI symptoms in older patients could indicate bladder cancer, according to a new study. The research was presented at the American Urological Association 2015 annual meeting, according to Cancer Therapy Advisor.

An experienced New York medical malpractice attorney knows a delay in diagnosis of cancer can result in the loss of precious time and have grave consequences. It’s crucial to begin cancer treatment as quickly as possible. Doctors should understand that UTI symptoms in older patients could indicate a much more serious condition.

The lead author of the UTI-cancer study, Dr. Kyle Richards of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, said symptoms of UTI in older patients should prompt a comprehensive evaluation if the symptoms persist.

Richards told Cancer Therapy Advisor: “Timely bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment may not always occur due to prolonged treatment for presumed UTI.”

Researchers stated that UTI appears to delay the diagnosis of bladder cancer in men and women, but more often for women.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Can Have Grave Consequences

The authors wrote in their abstract: “Both women and men initially presenting with urinary tract infection are at greatest odds of significant delays in diagnosis, adverse pathology, and risk of death from bladder cancer. Symptoms of urinary tract infection in older patients might be a harbinger of bladder cancer and misdiagnosis may lead to inferior oncologic outcomes.”

If a doctor misdiagnosed a disease or delayed diagnosis of a medical condition, a patient may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. These cases can be complex and difficult to prove, which is why it’s critical to consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney in New York like Jonathan C. Reiter. A misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis does not necessarily mean the doctor was negligent. Your attorney will need to determine if the doctor acted competently. Questions must be asked, such as what did the doctor do – or not do – in arriving at the diagnosis?

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