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Press Release: A Queens County Supreme Court jury rendered a verdict for $7 million In Medical Negligence Case

In a unanimous verdict, a Supreme Court Queens County jury has awarded $7 million to Peter Wang and his wife, Tien Yun “Joyce” Mei, in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Queens ophthalmologist. The verdict, rendered on November 29, 2023, compensates the plaintiffs for the severe injuries and losses sustained due to the ophthalmologist’s failure to diagnose and treat an eye infection appropriately.

Peter Wang, who suffered irreversible damage to his left eye resulting in blindness and subsequent surgical removal, initially sought medical attention for sudden visual impairment, pain, and redness in his eye on February 27, 2019. Despite the severity of his condition, the Queens ophthalmologist misdiagnosed the issue and prescribed steroid eye drops, neglecting the need for urgent referral to a vitreoretinal specialist. This misdiagnosis and delay in proper treatment led to the tragic loss of Mr. Wang’s eye and a near-fatal spread of the infection.

The jury, weighing the profound impact of this medical error, awarded Mr. Wang $5 million for his pain and suffering, and an additional $2 million to his wife for loss of consortium. The case, detailed in a Supreme Court Queens County (Index No. 700189/2020), underscores the critical importance of accurate diagnosis and timely medical intervention.

Jonathan C. Reiter, Esq., a leading New York City medical malpractice lawyer representing the plaintiffs, stated that this verdict serves not only as compensation for the Wang family but also as a message about the dire consequences of medical negligence.

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