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Most Common Types of Med Mal Claims

Medical Misdiagnosis

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Society’s attitude toward doctors and healthcare professionals has seen a significant shift over the years. While around 75 percent of people in 1960 perceived doctors as trustworthy, that number has declined to just 34 percent today.

Experts say one of the reasons behind the change is the growing number of medical malpractice cases. Today, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the country. When a patient suffers an injury due to a doctor’s mistake, they may be able to file a claim for damages. If you’ve been harmed by a medical professional or doctor, it may be helpful to be familiar with the most common types of medical malpractice claims.

Keep in mind, however, that medical mistakes come in many forms. Your case is as unique as each individual, which is why it’s important to discuss the specific facts of your case with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.

4 Common Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

There are numerous ways in which a doctor or healthcare professional may make a serious mistake. Unfortunately, some types of medical errors are more common than others. Here are four common types of medical malpractice claims in the United States.   


Diagnostic errors make up the largest group of medical malpractice claims. Between 2013 and 2017, misdiagnoses accounted for 33 percent of medical mistake cases in the United States.

When doctors fail to diagnose or delay making a proper diagnosis, patients may go without the treatment needed to get better. In other cases, a patient may be misdiagnosed with the wrong condition. In some situations, patients may know that something is wrong or they don’t feel quite right, but when they return to the doctor, they’re told there is nothing wrong or that their condition isn’t as serious as they think.

This delay may lead to permanent damage or a more serious progression of a condition or disease. In some cases, a missed diagnosis or incorrect diagnosis leads to death. In these situations, the patient’s family may be able to file a claim for wrongful death due to medical malpractice.

Medication Mistakes

Medication errors also make up a significant portion of medical malpractice claims. Doctors or pharmacists can cause patients to suffer harm when they dispense the wrong type of medication or the wrong dosage. Medication mistakes can also occur when a patient receives another person’s medication in error, such as a pharmacists mistake.

Medication mistakes can also happen during surgery, or when a patient has been admitted to the hospital. When patients are in the hospital, they might receive the wrong drug or the wrong dose of a drug, leading to a serious health complication. While hospitals have protocols and safety systems in place to prevent these types of errors, mistakes still happen. When these mistakes do happen, it often results in serious harm to the patient or in some cases death.

Surgical Mistakes

Surgeries are extremely common. In fact, patients in the United States underwent about 51 million surgical procedures in 2010. While most surgeries are carried out smoothly, patients may suffer serious or irreparable harm when a doctor makes an error during surgery.

Surgical mistakes can take various forms. For example, patients may experience pain, disability, or permanent damage when a doctor leaves an instrument or sponge behind during surgery. Patients can also suffer damage when a surgeon operates on the wrong body part, or when a doctor removes the wrong part of the body in a “wrong-site surgery.”

Patients can also suffer harm when an anesthesiologist administers the wrong drug or the wrong dose of a drug. These are serious cases often leaving a patient with a permanent disability that impacts their ability to work or take care of their family.  

Injuries During Childbirth

Welcoming a new child is supposed to be a joyful time for parents. However, a childbirth injury can leave a family with lifelong medical bills and additional stress. Childbirth injuries may occur in a variety of ways, from fractures and nerve damage during birth to traumatic brain injuries caused by a delay in delivery.

When a child suffers a birth injury, the parents may be able to file a claim for damages against the doctor or medical professional who acted negligently. It’s important for parents to obtain enough damages to pay for their child’s medical bills, as sometimes these hospital stays can last longer than expected.  An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will remind you that there’s only one opportunity to litigate your medical malpractice claim.

Getting Help For a Medical Malpractice Case in New York

There are many other types of medical malpractice, which is why it’s important to speak to a knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer in New York if you suspect you have been injured due to a doctor’s or medical professional’s negligence.

There are time limits for filing a medical malpractice claim. This is why patients should not wait if they believe they’ve been injured by a health professional. If you fail to file your claim by the deadline, you might miss the opportunity to receive the compensation you deserve. Speak with the top New York City medical malpractice lawyer, by calling Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter at (212) 736-0979.

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