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Misdiagnosis of Critical Conditions

Delay or lack of care can be fatal The human body presents itself and its ailments in a variety of ways, and many symptoms are consistent with more than one disease, leading to a misdiagnosed condition. Misdiagnosis can significantly affect the life and well-being of a patient. When a condition ...

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Visible Flaws: Making Healthcare Violations Public

A new federal regulation may require private accreditors to reveal the violations found to the public Medical errors and malpractice are a leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for 9.5% of annual deaths, but how many does the public know about? Healthcare facilities and nursing homes are ...

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Hospital Medical Errors Reported By Families Often Not Recorded, Study Finds

New York medical malpractice attorney discusses disturbing findings Hospitals often fail to accurately document medical errors and adverse reactions to medical treatment of children observed by family members and reported to hospital staff, according to a recent, nationwide study. "Our results suggest that whether we are talking about safety surveillance ...

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